This Week in Sharing

This week in sharing is back in its old spot on Thursday. It turns out Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. Just got the memo. Take these links as penance:

  • At Wired's GeekDad blog, the five best toys for kids. And at a time when these seasonal lists from magazines usually include a lot of favors for advertisers, I think this one is pretty good.
  • Lots of groups want to claim credit for Occupy Wall Street, but it's sort of hard for anarchists to do that. So David Graeber (one of us!) explains it.
  • Behind the screens, who are the people really doing lifestyle blogging? Nona Willis Aronowitz checks, and it turns out the answer is surprising.
  • If the US economy is trying to create jobs, why shouldn't they be really good jobs? The National Cooperative Development Act might just help.
  • Tomorrow night, it won't just be Wall Street that's occupied, it'll be Broadway too.
  • You may have heard about it on Kickstarter, but now it's here with no time to spare: Coopoloy! The official board game of parents who don't want to raise monopolists.
  • Sometimes it's up to those in the know to publicize alternative models for ingrained social structures, so check out this Kickstarter for a documentray on a free school with that in mind.
  • Is it finally time for participatory budgeting to break into the mainstream? If you have an idea how, submit it to this call for papers

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