This Week in Sharing

If you're in a Daylight Savings Time area (sorry some parts of Idaho), then I hope you'e enjoying your 25-hour day. If you're looking for a way to spend that extra 60 minutes, try these links:

  • Have you ever wanted a hackable device that emits pre-assigned smells to go with your social media notifications? Did you not want one till I just described it to you just then? Either way, check out the Olly, truly one of the more imaginative non-prank projects out there.
  • The movement against corporate economics has reached the most unexpected place: a Harvard economics classroom. Students walked out on Professor Greg Mankiw for his free-market orthodoxy, and released a statement explaining why.
  • The Open Hardware movement is on the rise. Now that it has a logo, it was ready to release its first journal issue. Which it has, for free (duh), here.
  • At the Forbes blog, contributor Haydn Shaugnessy tries to explain what a "social business" is by proposing an infograph format. It's a little rough now, but he's asking for some assistance.
  • Picture sharing network Instagram has confirmed it will add video sharing next. Gizmodo wonders if that's really such a good idea.
  • What's a small restaurant to do if it can't afford a liquor license? Share one.
  • In the search for traffic reduction and fuel efficiency, the city bus is making a surprising ally: motorcycles.
  • A certain political party in America has failed in another attempt to end federal funding for bike lanes. You know who you are.

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