This Week in Sharing

If this is your first dance, then welcome to our weekly links post where we find the most click-worthy shareable news from around the web and bring it to you. If you've been here before, then get in here already.

  • If you happen to be in central Massachusetts on the 23rd, make sure to stop by the Making A Green Solidarity Economy Conference in Worcester.
  • From Fast Company, an infographic that explains what your house and possessions look like on collaborative consumption.
  • Have you ever wished someone would come and read you a bedtime story, even though you may have graduated past nightlights? Artist Madhu Kaza understands, and if you're in New York, you can sign up for her to do just that.
  • If you're in Baltimore this weekend, then judging by the ground when I've gone, you're probably already attending Artscape. And if you are, make sure to check out the large DIY section.
  • And another event in Baltimore this weekend - though this one extends to DC - the Indie Lit City Summit. Hang out with the best of the Mid-Atlantic underground literary scene.
  • You make a product, people buy it and hack it. What's a profit hungry corporate monster to do? Take credit!
  • In the heat there's sometimes a temptation, but that's no excuse for the price. But now it's finally here: The DIY Frappuccino (and for $.32 a cup!)
  • And finally, a project I'm thinking of taking on myself: A DIY bar stool. That's the best I've found, but if any of the readers knows of a better plan, help me out.