Think Global, Eat Local

Don't look now, but there's a new addition to the local food movement coming 'round the bend. Now beta testing in Seattle, ÜbrLocal aims to be an online "social marketplace for everything urban food." Basically, if there's a local food something or other you're looking for, ÜbrLocal can help you find it. Users can sell, swap, give, or request whatever their local foodie hearts desire -- eggs, mulch, vegetable starts, compost, worms, honey, gardening space, supplies, workshops, and more.

ÜbrLocal's mission is a simple, admirable, and important one: Decrease our food miles (which, in turn, reduces our oil usage and lowers our carbon emissions). That's just good global sense, right there. But it's good local sense, too. Communities built on local food foundations are more resilient than those reliant upon outside sourcing. Not only do they demand fewer resources, but the money and goods circulate right there at home in proper peer-to-peer fashion. 

Because it's food, some city and state regulations do apply, though. ÜbrLocal points out in their FAQ that laws regarding cottage foods, live plants, eggs, honey, and other goods aren't all up to snuff in Washington, so users need to educate themselves. As the platform rolls out to other cities, the same precautions will apply. Still, a little homework is a small price to pay for having a comprehensive network of local food resources.