The State of the Sharing Economy

In the lead up to Global Sharing Day, The People Who Share released the “State of the Sharing Economy” research in order to highlight the immense possibilities through living shareably.  Some of the highlights from the study:

  • 33 million Brits (65% of British adults) currently sharing, another 14 million willing to consider it.
  • 15 million tons of food that could and should be shared, annually.
  • £4.6 billion in savings accrued by the UK Sharing Economy legions.
  • £330 billion value for the Sharing Economy, £22.4 billion in the UK alone.
  • 10 million meals shared by Global Sharing Day partner, FareShare.
  • 170% increase in food box recipients, as reported by the Trussell Trust.
  • Typical Zipcar UK users save around £3000 annually
  • 36% of Britons share transport, i.e. liftsharing or carsharing schemes. This is an increase from 25% last year.

This information was compiled by Opinium and made available by Marke2ing, both of London.

With Global Sharing Day arriving in just a few weeks, it is important to spread the word about the possibilities within the Sharing Economy. This study sought to articulate the vastness and depth of the Sharing Economy, while also showing how money can be spared by sharing.

Global Sharing Day 2013 will focus on foodsharing. Nearly 4 million Britons live in dire food poverty, with over 15 million tons of food going to waste each year. Organizations like FareShare, Mealsharing and Casserole Club seek to rectify this alimentary inequality in new and innovative ways.

Global Sharing Day 2013 seeks to honor these organizations and to provide them a platform for international press, while also extolling the benefits of the Sharing Economy and the aspirations already realized by its proponents.

Global Sharing Day, June 2nd, 2013, will be here soon. In the few weeks prior, learn what you can share with members of your community to make them, the Sharing  Economy, and the world, a better place to live and a better place to share!