Shareable to Kickoff Australian Channel with a Global Sharing Day Event

The shareable life has gained solid footing Down Under, so much so that it warrants its own channel here on Shareable. It's likely no coincidence that Australia is so active in the sharing space as the home of Rachel Botsman, author of What's Mine is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumptionwhich did so much to raise awareness of the sharing trend. Australia is also home to many promising sharing startups and initiatives including Eat With Me, OpenShed, and Garage Sale Trail.

To celebrate the milestone, local leaders of the sharing economy will come together on November 14 for an evening of connection, conversation, and action at Hub Melbourne (who graciously donated the event space). The launch will coincide with and celebrate Global Sharing Day.

It's time for a Shareable Australia. Photo credit: Ssolbergj. Used under Creative Commons license.

Host and Shareable Australia editor Darren Sharp will be joined by:

Some of the topics slated for discussion include:

  • What is the new sharing economy and why is it important to you?
  • How can we strenghten support for entreprenuers, civic leaders, and community groups working in this emerging space?
  • What initiatives are increasing citizen access to resources in Australia?

So, if you are in or near Melbourne on November, join the fun and help Shareable Australia do it up!  Register Today >>.