How the city of Rennes has helped over 550 people get back to work

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Rennes, the capital city of Brittany (France), has instituted a public procurement policy to help people with low skill levels who are experiencing longterm unemployment. Using social clauses, the "guichet unique des clauses sociales" scheme requires companies who bid on city contracts to create social inclusion initiatives for any services provided to the city. For example, the social enterprise La Feuille d'Erable runs "back to work" programs for the long-term unemployed through the waste management and recycling services it provides to Rennes. They hire individuals for six to 24 months and provide them with additional career advice, training, and support to assist with future job prospects. In 2014, the social clauses in Rennes' public procurement policy helped 550 people work 260,000 hours, the equivalent of 157 full-time jobs.

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