New Doc on Improv Everywhere's Decade of Flash Mobs

Charlie Todd is an amazing catalyst. Whether you measure that by his viral video prowess, his dexterity in improv comedy, or his adroit social creativity. He's the force behind Improv Everywhere, the ongoing series of public "missions" staged and filmed by volunteers as a means to shake people out of their daily ruts.

From the annual No Pants Subway Ride to the Movies in Real Life enactments, Charlie and the Improv Everywhere collective have caused more than 100 public scenes since 2001 with thousands of participants, racking up tens of millions of YouTube views. Improv Everywhere's delightful actions have sparked copycats around the world.

A new documentary, We Cause Scenes, explores the man, the collective, and an art form for the Internet age. The DRM-free, hi-definition project has been making the film festival circuit and can be downloaded directly from the makers for $12.99 ($2 more gets you extras) or from iTunes.

Reviews have been favorable and 33 million YouTube fans are into what they are up to. Check out the trailer:


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