Manhattan Foodprint

"What would it take to grow all the food needed for all Manhattanites – on Manhattan Island?" This video drives home the ecological impact of our current food production and consumption patterns – but then goes beyond that, to present a truly shareable alternative. From the Why Factory:

How much food do I consume? How much land is needed to grow it? Could we grow our food in the city? Could we feed all Manhattanites by growing food on Manhattan island?

Foodprint Manhattan is a study on food consumption patterns and production capacities. It visualizes how much and what we consume and what are the spatial consequences.

The amount of arable land is shrinking globally. Water scarcity is a problem in various regions of the world. But what if plants don’t need soil anymore and use less water? Foodprint Manhattan shows how more advanced food production methods compare to current production and how they could help. Study puts current discussion about urban farming into context, by visualizing how much space is actually needed to produce our daily food.

Thanks again to City Farmer News!