Global Sharing Day Events Held Worldwide

Events taking place on Global Sharing Day
The People Who Share and their partner organizations will be celebrating Global Sharing 
Day (GSD). In association with 184 allies, including The Big Lunch and Meal 
Sharing, in addition to Global Sharing Day sponsors M&S, Zipcar,
The day will aim to set a World Record of most number of people sharing food 
in a single day. The events taking place on the day exemplifies some of the most innovative and creative methods available to increase sharing around the world. Here is a list of some events from today:
United Kingdom
• Wilton
The Trussell Trust will be working with The Big Lunch to host a food sharing 
lunch in Wilton. They will also have one of their Food Banks open on the Sunday.
• Birmingham, Bristol, Kings Cross and Bloomsbury
Food Cycle will be running their 4 hubs on the Sunday of GSD serving a grand 
total of 100 people.
• London
There are many events going on in London for GSD, the biggest being The Big 
Lunch. Grub Club is also hosting their own Food Sharing event for 18 people in 
one house, while The Casserole Club in Tower Hamlet will be celebrating GSD 
by signing up cooks to cook for the less advantaged.  There is even a learn how 
to make pizza event by sharing your favourite pizza toppings in Bedford’s Park 
Walled Garden. 
• Brighton
Brighton is another town leading the way to a sharing economy. Gig Buddies, a 
community of people who love music will be hosting their first meet up on GSD 
with a picnic Pelham Square. 
There are two sharing events hosted in Melbourne celebrating GSD by local social enterprises. One organization is The Lemon Tree Project; it is a grassroots initiative that aims to reengage the community through the practice of gardening and sharing space. In the true spirit of sharing this Sunday 2nd June at Melbourne’s City Square TLTP are 
giving away 500 lemon trees to Melbournians who pledge to plant them in 
communal spaces. 
The second event is Share Mend Make event. It teaches practical DIY skills 
and inspires creativity in an environmentally sustainable way. Yesterday, Transition Darebin and the Sharehood brought together a diverse range of workshops to share skills in making and mending. 
Italy, Spain, Turkey and the Czech Republic
Alterkeys a great p2p accommodation service in Italy, Spain and Czech Republic.  
They will feature on SETV to celebrate GSD and to reflect on the benefits of p2p accommodation sharing.
Turkey will have a mealsharing event, sponsored by our major partner,
South Korea
South Korea celebrates Global Sharing Day by hosting a national Big Lunch. Organized by Creative Commons Korea and Zipbob, this event takes place everywhere in Korea on June 2. Creative Commons Korea a non-profit organization that is playing a hub role in Korean sharing movement, and Zipbob is a popular online platform for social dining. Participants will share what's going on using Twitter hashtag #globalsharingday, and the photos will be archived on, a website about sharing movement powered by Creative Commons Korea. 
MealSharing is going for the world record for the most shared food in a single day in a Logan Square home. Bring whomever you would like for the massive potluck style meal.
MealSharing is going for the world record for the most shared food in a single day in a park (Volkspark Friedrichshain Marchenbrunnen) in Berlin by having a potluck style picnic. 
Backseat Buddies is a car sharing campaign organized by Earth Day Network India. It takes place across India and it is designed for the school students.They celebrated Global Sharing Day and helped spread the Sharing Economy's message to South Asia.
Disco Soupe gathers discarded food from a market with a remarkable team armed with vegetable peelers, knives and cutting boards make soup and serve it. On GSD they ill be at Place de la Bastille from noon onwards with music and soup.
Enjoy all of these events, retweet and use the hashtag #globalsharing day often and proud.
Thanks for all of the support!