Global Sharing Day Begins

Global Sharing Day finally arrived, with events in Melbourne kicking off an exciting 24 hours of sharing.

In the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, and North America, major events will be held to commemorate the sharing done by people and organisations for the general good of community. 

In addition, as demonstrated by the specific focus on meal and food-sharing, Global Sharing Day will highlight the global inequities in food availability. As millions of tons of food go to landfill each year, millions of people go hungry.

Sharing food and a meal together creates some of the most essential and lasting bonds. This simple act connects and unites people across borders and allows people to connect on a basic level. Global Sharing Day 2012 will showcase how sharing a meal engenders a community spirit.

Foodsharing, via food banks or other similar organisations, also offers a glimpse into the possibilities of food security. Today, we are seeking to set a record for foodsharing and we will are aided by countless partner organisations around the world.

Global Sharing Day will also celebrate all forms of sharing interactions occurring across the world, from the big to small. We would love your tweets and Facebook messages to serve as encouragement throughout the day!

Stay tuned for more from Global Sharing Day HQ!