10 ways to support Shareable

Saul Alinsky, a pioneer of modern community organizing, once said that the mainstream media’s negative drumbeat makes us feel like small failures within a bigger failure. Shareable’s weekly reporting about people-powered solutions does the opposite. It shows that we can solve our toughest problems together. It shows that we can all become successful in a bigger, shared success through collaboration.

In that spirit, we’re sharing 10 meaningful ways you can help Shareable continue our mission to empower people to share during this critical time.

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2. Make a donation:

Did you know that Shareable is a nonprofit organization that relies on contributions from readers like you?

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3. Explore our website:

Shareable.net’s core offering is our unique brand of catalytic solutions news reporting about sharing-based innovations, solidarity economy, and grassroots solutions. We also have some great resources like free ebooks, our podcast, new articles every week, over 300 how-to guides, and an archive of around 5,000 articles. Help us and help yourself by taking advantage of our work..

4. Engage with us on social media:

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5. Share our free ebooks with your community:

From “Sharing Cities” to “Community Solutions to the Loneliness Epidemic,” and from “Beyond Waste” to “How Racism Shaped the Housing Crisis & What We Can Do About It,” Shareable’s ebooks cover a diverse array of topics. Here’s the list of all our publications.

6. Interview or feature us in your article, blog, or podcast:

Shareable has been on the vanguard of the global sharing movement (including the sharing economy, sharing cities, platform cooperativism, collective resilience, etc.) for over a decade and our spokespeople are well-regarded experts in the field. As interviewees or guests, we’ll bring a global, public interest perspective to your article or episode.  

7. Hire us for your next project, training, or virtual event: 

Shareable provides a range of services including consulting, presentations, workshops, webinars, editorial projects, online promotion, event support, and research. Learn about our offerings here.

8. Help us fundraise before the end of the year and beyond:

Set up a personal fundraising page for Shareable through GiveLively and invite your friends and family to support us too. Get started here.

9. Recommend our work or write a review:

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10. Send us an endorsement or testimonial for public use:

Email us here with a brief story about how Shareable has impacted you or your work. Include your name and location plus title and organization if relevant.