The moment the "net neutrality" debate began was the moment the net neutrality debate was lost. For once the fate of a network -  its fairness, its rule set, its capacity for social or economic reformation - is in the hands of policymakers and the corporations funding them - that network loses its power to effect change. The mere fact that lawmakers and lobbyists now control the future of the net should be enough to turn us elsewhere.

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August 12, 2013

Cooperatives of many models — but especially worker cooperatives — have gained much attention since the 2008 economic crash because they provide enormous opportunities to lessen income inequality, among other benefits. Similarly, housing cooperatives are an opportunity to create more affordable and stable housing. That’s why we at the Sustainable Economies Law Center seek to promote and clear the way for more housing cooperatives.

On July 4th, 2004, Julia Davis noticed something wasn’t right at the Port of San Ysidro border crossing. A customs and border protection supervisor for the Department of Homeland Security, she had been told to look for signs that Al Qaeda might be trying to penetrate the border. Now, looking over paperwork from the night shift, she found 23 improperly documented border crossings from countries on the watch list. “They hadn’t even been fingerprinted,” she says. “It seemed highly suspicious to me.”

Drake University students won a Shareable seed grant program this past February to host a book swap as a service project to improve youth literacy. Students in Iowa are passionate about literacy as a crucial path to being able to live a meaningful and financially stable life. Fifty-six percent of US prisoners have very low rates of literacy which is in turn linked to very high rates of unemployment, speaking to the need to foster a love of reading at an early age.

Cooper Union, a small art, architecture and engineering school in the middle of downtown Manhattan, was one of the last colleges in America where students could get a completely free education.



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