Shareable Helps Launch Global Sharing Day

Whether sharing cars, books, tools, clothes, food or homes, the sharing movement is in full swing. From neighborhood childcare collectives to peer-to-peer home rentals, sharing has proven to be a cost-effective and environmentally-sound way of living. Through sharing rather than owning, we connect with others in our communities, we make resources available to those who need them most, and we use our finite resources more efficiently.

On November 14, the spotlight will shine on the sharing movement as Shareable helps to launch the first ever Global Sharing Day. Mobilizing millions of sharers across 50 countries, the event aims to show people around the world that sharing is easy, rewarding and fun. Anyone can join in the celebration by sharing a meal, a ride, music, under-used household items, skills, time, elbow grease or anything else. Between 1pm and 2pm local times, an attempt to create a world record with the “Greatest Share on Earth” will take place.

The brainchild of U.K.-based sharing organization The People Who Share, Global Sharing Day is an opportunity to demonstrate the power of sharing, the vision of the sharing community, and the joy that connecting with each other can bring.

To take part in Global Sharing Day, sign up here

To get more ideas about how to participate in Global Sharing Day, check out Shareable's How to Share page for hundreds of ideas about how to share.